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March 12th, 2014 | Author:

I am absolutely certain that Eco-Villages are the number one investment opportunity for the obligatory green revolution we need to get involved with

I say obligatory because the evidence is absolutely overwhelming that for our planet, our species and our respective communities to survive ( let alone be happy or to thrive ), we need to live in harmony with our natural world, instead of plundering and pillaging. I will not go into this evidence as it is abundant and easily accessibly to anyone with access to the internet, a library or enough common sense ( even more easy to prove since first writing this article in November of 2010~Fukushima etc )

This website does not address making a few ‘tinkering’ changes in the current paradigm of destroying and exploiting the environment and the community, but in making deep changes in the way we live, to live in happiness and in harmony with each other and the environment

Following are just some of what I feel are the most compelling reasons why investing time, money and energy into Eco-Villages and Sustainable communities not only give a brilliant return, but offer an unbeatable safety-nest-egg for your family and financial future:


Why Eco Villages are the most Exciting and Profitable Investment in the Green Revolution


It is common knowledge that 80% ( or at least a majority) of millionaires made their riches through property and real estate. Eco-Villages and Intentional communities represent THE tried and proven ecologically friendly living model for future development. Consider this:

Eco-Villages can allow for land to be re-greened and brought back to ecological abundance and incredibly attractive appeal. It is no coincidence that many of the wealthiest suburbs and gardens around the world try to emulate natural parks and gardens, or are close to large waterways. Having an environmentally friendly and conscious community allows for the creation of a beautiful green forested land area, allowing for the maximum growth of equity and value as well as enormous lifestyle appeal.

The permaculture focus and application of eco-villagers, allows for phenomenal yields on the natural and associated by-products of their activities. From the abundance of delicious, organic fruit and vegetables from the permaculture food forest, to the highest grade renewable timber yields ( which Bill Mollison states can be grown on a massive scale from sewage waste) pure spring water ( A projected crucial resource ), eco-tourism and accommodation, crafts and products of inhabitants, and super-productive community-based local economies that will be the new hub of innovation and entreprenuerial genius, intentional communities are the new paradigm of lifestyle and business that will soon catch on to the mainstream

Think of it this way: Money is simply an exchange of value, and what could be more valuable and valued by money, than what is absolutely necessary to life, living and happiness itself? Food, water, shelter, supporting loving families and a stunningly beautiful and pristine environment! If you dont believe this try holding your breath or not drinking water for three days, then you will see the worth of air, water and food in comparison to money Why Eco Villages are the most Exciting and Profitable Investment in the Green Revolution

Is there true happiness for any of us, when an extension of our physical body, our earth and her inhabitants, are toxic, polluted and being destroyed and raped in front of us? Personally I would be affected if I saw hundreds of children dying from disease and starvation outside of my palatial gardens, and most with a conscience would also….

There is a huge volume of evidence and common sense to verify this, from the research of Thomas Hartmann in his brilliant book “Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”, archaeological research and studies, to anthropological data confirming that tribal communities and customs have survived for tens of thousands of years, in harmony with their natural environment. This is in contrast to the shocking finding of this book or history in general, that in every case, exploitative commerce-focused societies have destroyed themselves and imploded, usually inflicting monumental death, devastation and suffering upon the people at the same time, as seen by the many in-depth studies of death by government, commonly known as democide

Eco-villages have nothing to do with the myth of going caveman or being hippies! The current paradigms of expensive, resource hungry, exploitative housing are dead or dying, as the gigantic housing bubble is on the verge of bursting and financially destroying or at least maiming all those ensnared in its debt trap. You think history is not going to repeat itself? Those who create the artificially inflated real estate markets and corresponding huge mortgages in relation to incomes, profit from the expansion and depression of markets, and it is commonly known among financial experts that huge amounts of wealth is transferred and accumulated in times of financial depression and contraction…

www.Eco-Village.net supports the model of each family or man/woman having access to 5 acres of land, in perpetuity, for the creation of their family domain permaculture food forest.

Real Estate riches or any other form of wealth, are simply are a return of value being offered in exchange, an energy, and the greatest value possible in property IS the model of the intentional community or eco-village! Its how mankind has lived for tens of thousands of years


Why Eco Villages are the most Exciting and Profitable Investment in the Green Revolution

Let me ask you a direct and perhaps controversial, but heartfelt question:

What good is hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in the bank, if the world around you is going to “hell in a hand basket”?

There seems to be two types of humans in the world, those who have their head in the sand, and those who can see the raging fire approach them and the rest of their fellows.

Now I have attempted to educate friends, associates and others I meet about what I call the coming disasters facing humanity. Now it is my sincere desire that you are not one of those who have chosen to put your head in the sand and support many of these fire-starters ( even though they wear nice suits and many may vote for them ), as I can guarantee its not going to save your body from getting scorched from the heat of the fire, of what looks like inevitable and massive upheaval and change. Consider that even millionaires and the wealthy get swept up and destroyed in the fires of social collapse and upheaval.

If we genuinely desire happiness and prosperity for ourselves and our family, don’t we need to squarely face the problems we all face and take action?!  Isn’t it time folks out there had the maturity to face up to the corruption and malicious agendas that are as plain as day in the world?! If you are so terrified of standing out from ‘the crowd’ then just consider the risks and lethal consequences of remaining ignorant, such as those who are ignorant to the myriad of medical breakthroughs that have cured and have been curing cancer for decades. An expensive, agonizing death is what awaits those who choose ignorance over education and self-responsibility with their health, and the outcomes may be similar for those who buy into the ‘matrix’ of the modern day military banking industrial system

I can tell you with certainty the world is facing the most serious problems it has potentially ever faced. Whether it is endemic political corruption and preparation for global war, to state of the art technology that can wipe us all out, the brink of environmental collapse, the collapse of global and national economies, to the moral and spiritual degradation and destruction of mankind, we are facing a barrage of devastating consequences if we do not change our ways. Its not a good sign that the more you research into the world, the worse things seem to be, and this isn’t being a ‘conspiracy theorist’, its simply recognizing approaching dangers to be more response-able in dealing with these issues.

I cannot see a faster, more efficient, or exciting and powerful way to ‘wipe the slate clean’, and to choose a lifestyle that returns political freedom through truly representative government, protects against war and its destructive technologies, returns the environment into harmony and abundance, creates massive prosperity and abundance through localized, community-focused economies, and restores moral and spiritual values to an evolved and mature mankind, than intentional communities

Gandhi was a wonderful example of the power of ‘Community Immunity’ and protection from tyranny through the power of community, but isn’t creating peace and harmony many times more effective if it’s part of our day-to-day lifestyle and way of life?


Check out the amazing case study of “Growing a Food Forest” by Geoff Lawton. This 2 min video is a brief introduction into how maximum productivity and yields can be achieved, through a minimum of effort, energy and expense.


The growing a food forest videos describes how through layering through stages, and working in harmony with nature rather than wrestling her into submission, that a super-abundant multi-layered forest of food can naturally function and grow, with an upkeep requirement of only 1 day per year once the forest is established! A few months worth of effort compared to a supply of delicious organic food forever! Outputs and yields that are unheard of among the very destructive practices of ‘conventional’ agriculture.

Compare this case study of creating an abundant, pest and disease resistant crop, with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, with the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars typically required for destructive monoculture. Toxic fertilizers, poisonous herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, land that is stripped of its life and is tortured for its last breath, and if that is not bad enough we now have the extremely volatile and and dangerous addition of genetically modified seeds! ( Experts are stating that this new danger could potentially wipe out human life on earth )

A permaculture model creates abundant, harmonious and ecologically sustainable outputs. Here are some of the highly prized and extremely valuable outputs from a typical Permaculture/Eco-Village model:

-Renewable high grade timber and wood products
-Organic fruit and vegetables, including nutritional exotic varieties, and extremely profitable medicinal by-products and extracts
-Natural & healthy alternatives to processed sweets and snacks including ice-creams, chocolate sweets, chips and other junk food/addictive fast food
-Nutritional and Medicinal Mushrooms and fungal products including bio-diesel or energy producing algae
-Freshwater fish, mussels or crustacea
-Organic meats or livestock, including high ticket items such as processed meats
-Organic poultry products including eggs or even the very valuable Emu Eggs
-Pure alkaline and mineralized spring water. Currently hard to source and find
-Legal highs and substances ( A very profitable growth industry )
-Various other highly profitable health fads and trends e.g goji berries, mangosteen etc 

And one of the greatest and most rewarding outputs:

Creations made from Passion, and Labours of love, from the happy Eco-Villagers, who no longer have to stress and worry over their immediate survival needs and can focus on their productive passions! That is something that even those who are wealthy yet lead extremely stress-filled and busy lives would greatly benefit from

Bill Mollison from the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, makes a very strong case for small groups of men and women getting things done, and creating high permaculture returns with phenomenal lifestyles, from yields that can allow for covering one’s comfortable living costs over an entire year with a very small amount of effort. This is all possible when working in harmony, instead of against our natural environment, and with a few weeks to a few months work, we can create an abundant permaculture yield that supports our lifestyle and yields greater yields each year and forever onward.

The facts are that the amazing harmony and perfect inter-working systems of organic and permaculture land use, will always beat a resource, money and chemicals hungry ‘profits-first’ agriculture model.


Why Eco Villages are the most Exciting and Profitable Investment in the Green Revolution

We all have seen the overpowering evidence for the need to change our energy use, with the recent and disastrous BP Oil Spill and other enormous calamities and environmental disasters.

The potential with green energy is phenomenal and still massively untapped, yet unfortunately is still proceeding at a snail’s pace, compared to its urgent need. With the constraints and limitations of the ‘rat-race’ oriented culture of consumption and materialism, many of the green renewable energy inventions that have existed for decades, have sadly been suppressed, its inventors been threatened, intimidated or killed,  or the inventions are slow to move forward in the current ‘oil-hungry’ paradigms of business and culture.

Intentional communities provide the perfect ‘base’ in which inventors and villagers can build Green Energy renewable technologies into the construction and development of the community, not only providing for a ‘safe-haven’ for their implementation and usage, but of putting them into practice in numbers  enough to make any attempts at suppression void. Through ‘community-immunity’ and the power of the age of information, Green clean energy can find its natural home working towards the maximum benefit of the environment and mankind.

When groups of men and women start to take action as a group, the immense power of masterminding is activated, and what was once difficult or impossible alone, now becomes achievable and a reality. The pioneering Marketing and Business genius Jay Abraham, attributes much of business success and breakthrough growth to using the model of “Mastermind groups”. History will show that it is through the effort of teams, or grass roots, community efforts that big changes were made, and naturally intentional communities can attract and support the widespread usage and development of clean renewable energy technologies.


Why Eco Villages are the most Exciting and Profitable Investment in the Green Revolution

My statements may seem controversial, but the evidence I have come across in my many years of experience in studying law and remedy, as well as the building industry, has led me to the conclusion that it would be difficult to build a more wasteful, resource-hungry, environmentally destructive, mankind enslaving and soul-destroying structure than the typical western home.

These words may seem upsetting to some, as it goes contrary to the embellished stereotype promoting the “western dream”, but the truth of the matter is that the current paradigms of overpriced housing are not only destroying our environment, but our society and families too. It is the serious crime of debt enslavement, and we are fast approaching the end of the astronomically inflated real estate bubble with the fundamentals of economics and politics, all toppling on the house of cards that is the very high and unsustainable income to debt ratio. The recent property crash in the USA is sadly only a taste of things to come. The foundations of this ‘print money like crazy’ economy, the high divorce ( biggest contributor statistically seems to be money ) and depression statistics, the gigantic ratio’s of debt to income, as well as the anti-freedom and pro-globalization aims of nearly every major western political party are only some reasons that confirm this to be true

Watching Carly Crutchfield’s Property Development DVD’s, a very successful architect confirmed my views, stating that Housing in Australia is ‘shockingly obsolete’ and at least ‘a century behind’ using ‘Victorian-age’ ideas that are completely unsuited to the Australian climate and frankly should never have been introduced in the first place.

The idea that one of the needs for survival; Shelter, needs to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, is not only ridiculous but insanely destructive, except for of course though who stand to gain the most, bank executives and owners and others who profit from the debt enslavement of others

Eco-Housing and Alternative housing represents the new paradigm that is going to take over the world out of necessity and requirement. The Australian Bureau of Statistics not too long ago did a fascinating study, confirming that out of all the major industries in Australia, that the building industry stood the most to gain from innovation, but is the last to implement it! That is some pretty exciting evidence in my books.

Eco-Homes are much more readily accepted and developed within Eco-Community settlements, and incredible benefits that are a side product: Affordability, natural aesthetics and great resource efficiency, ensure its the only logical choice for most of the community members. Intentional communities are the perfect building ground for the development of these types of warm, comfortable and harmonious abodes, and if you haven’t yet seen the  awesome documentary “Garbage Warrior”, it is an absolute must-see documentary. Adobe homes, underground houses, earth homes, shipping container homes and use of recycled materials are all viable and exciting options to be explored and profited from.

Eco-housing is many time more affordable, practical, energy efficient, innovative, hugely profitable for its pioneers, eco-friendly, more fun, easier to build, nicer to look at, aesthetic and has better feng shui and energy to it. A structure that supports life, families, community and the environment, instead of death, enslavement and the destruction of the environment and the community by supporting the very banking system that fuels war, destruction of the environment and mass control and domination.


Why Eco Villages are the most Exciting and Profitable Investment in the Green Revolution

The recent Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts and wars are a perfect example of the insanity of the status quo. If only a fraction of 1% of the mountains of money, energy, and time were invested into permaculture and eco-villages, we could not only end the fundamental causes of ‘terror’, and also end poverty, hunger, crime and disease too!

If we are going to act like mature men and women, we need to acknowledge that there are maladjusted individuals out there, who profit and gain from the huge tolls of death and suffering that war and its by-products inflict. My belief is that it is driven by extreme religious ideology or sociopath personalities, and a portion of the population seem either oblivious, or unwilling to see that the same corrupt individuals who profit and engineer from wars, are also focusing on extracting our energy too by keeping this status quo commerce wheel rolling.

If you are totally happy with your life, and you think the world is OK as it is, maybe this point is not for you, but as for me, I am pretty sick and tired of being treated like a slave, and just another physical body to be extracted for taxes, for the benefit of corrupt politicians, war and the endless greed of certain multinationals

We are seeing an overwhelming mass of evidence to show that this exploitative ‘profits-first’ society is rapidly deteriorating and heading towards calamity and disaster. I can provide you with a large volume of extremely compelling evidence upon request, which would end all your doubts about the suicidal destination of this system

But there is a bright beacon of light and hope in what looks increasingly like a world steeped in darkness and suffering. Eco Village communities offer the ideal model for communities, families and all men, women and children, to take back their power and their energy from the support of the destruction and enslavement of man, towards the creation, beautification, and freedom of mankind

Green communities allow for the end of the foundation of the suffering and inequity born out of exploitation and control, and create the foundation of a society based on peace, harmony and the maximum happiness and prosperity of the family unit

If there are any doubts as to the tried and tested model that freedom and free communities have made in the past, one only has to research the unsurpassed prosperity and freedom that was borne out of the founding of the United States of America, even though it has deviated from its original spirit and purpose
( and is far from being perfect ) as established in the declaration of independence and bill of rights, it is still a testament to the power and prosperity that always flows from a representative government with its powers invested in the men and women of the community. The same proven examples of abundance and relative peace have been shown with the native-American nations, the native originals of australia, and the pre-christian tribes of Europe, not to mention the tens of thousands of years tribal societies have lived in harmony on earth.

I feel one of the questions we really need to ask ourselves is, can we allow ourselves to commit crimes against our children and our future generations, by supporting a warmongering and suicidal system of destruction?

One thing I am certain of is this; the Riches and Abundance that will flow from the new community-focused economy, will far surpass in material, emotional, spiritual and social rewards, anything the ‘consume and destroy’ economy has to offer. If we are part of the technocratic commercial society it can limit the change we can effect, but if we are part of a natural harmonious society, there is no limit to the positive change and effect we can cause through the power of numbers!


Why Eco Villages are the most Exciting and Profitable Investment in the Green Revolution

We have all felt the invigorating, refreshing and grounding influence nature and being close to nature has to offer, at least once in our lives. Is there anything more rewarding in an environment, than one that is full of forests that are full of mature trees and pines, with fresh scented air full of a myriad of fragrances recharging the mind and spirit, pristine lakes with the peaceful sounds of waterfowls and ducks singing at night, and the peace and tranquility that can only come from being away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic busyness?

If property prices are any indicator, we can easily see the ample examples of the most prized and expensive urban as well as rural properties and land, usually having forests, gardens or good supplies of water, and rich, abundant soil. All the factors that add value, whether it is inspiring views, good soil to grow crops, or water bodies, are all a natural by-product of trees, forests and living in harmony with nature through the normal activities of a permaculture community

All the beautiful things we cherish are destroyed and devastated with conventional housing subdivisions! Look at the ‘normal’ process of creating a block of houses, the ground is leveled, the topsoil is destroyed, ALL trees and other life is decimated! Do we really need to destroy ALL life in our path just so we can have a McMansion and a lawn? ( lawns apparently being worse than agriculture in their destructive toll and use of fertilizers and chemicals! )

Wouldn’t it be 10x to 100x better to have a beautiful garden, full of a variety of fresh, delicious fruit trees for our table and our children to play on? Wouldn’t we prefer to wake up to the sound of finches and native birds singing in delight and a beautiful garden, with a bright new day free to do what we truly love to do? Don’t we really all deep down hate the  ‘before-dawn coffee’, newspaper and dreaded ‘pays-the-bills’ job we don’t enjoy?

We can change this today, and all it takes is making the only logical choice, for your happiness, for your family, and to be able to look your future generations in the eye with a feeling of pride and honor.

Register on the forum, or you can contact me via the Skype page. Please do not email me as I simply do not have the time to reply to emails, as it is much more efficient for all involved to put your question or comment to me via the forum

Your privacy is respected and we will never share your emails with 3rd parties. All inquiries via encrypted email and totally confidential

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October 31st, 2010 | Author:

A Sustainable Eco-friendly Eco-Village in Western Australia is being formed right now.  If you are interested, please read the post below, and contact us with your name, location and what you are looking for in a sustainable lifestyle…..

Imagine your own slice of paradise secured for your family forever, your own potential garden of eden, for your family, for your future generations, for self-sufficiency, for maximum health and happiness. Through your family kins domain, you can find true happiness and joy that no amount of money can buy or compare to. Forward your expression of interest today and secure the future of our environment and your family, by joining our eco-village sustainable community

Dear friend

………Can you imagine waking up each day in a beautiful garden worthy of the biblical garden-of-eden? The smell of invigorating floral aromas, fig trees and pines gently float through your room nourishing your body and soul, your ears feeling the sweet songs of the native finches and rare birds singing with delight at the beauty of your oasis, where you start your day with a deep and warm sense of satisfaction and happiness in your soul, knowing that you are truly in a good and happy place, in harmony with the planet, with yourself, with the universe and free to enjoy the day however you please……

…….It doesnt have to be just a dream it can now be a reality!

Expressions of interest being sought for:

10,000 m2, 2.5 acres/1 hectare, of your own private family self-sufficient eco-village domain, in which you can create your own space of happiness for yourself and your family for eternity

This eco-village is being developed under the guidelines of the transformative and revolutionary Ringing Cedars series of books ( A powerful series on our pre-christian natural history ), in which each family or man/woman will have their own private 2.5 acre or 1 hectare family domain plot of land, for self-sufficient living in an inspiring green oasis in harmony with the divine dream of co-creation with nature and living in harmony with our environment

Sustainable Eco friendly Eco Village in Western Australia

Self-Sufficient & Productive: A large and extended food forest is being created on the land, via the effective and highly productive food forest permaculture principles inspired by Australia’s Permaculture institute, leaving a large tract of common land for an undisturbed native forest, common lake and grass recreation area. Through these proven and practical guidelines, maximum water conservation and land productivity is being utilized, creating a very efficient ecosystem that will be extremely fruitful and yet require little upkeep compared to traditional methods of gardening. Renewable energy is being used and low-cost suppliers have been found, providing for cost-effective solar, wind power, or diesel engines running on used vegetable oil. Shared initial costs and high permaculture food crop yields will ensure that each initial investment is paid back rapidly.

Cost: Whereas possible, costs for ownership of individual parcels are being kept as low as possible so as to minimize debt and to promote the self-sufficiency and independence of eco-village members. Good terms have been established with the seller of land to ensure maximum flexibility and financial harmony for all participants. Initial investment at the moment looks like a modest $20,000 – $30,000, for the first stage target of 10 pioneer families/ or men/women participating

Ownership: All families or individuals will have complete ownership of their respective plots, and every opportunity will be taken to secure the rights of ownership and use within the guidelines of fairness and law. Current legal models include the use of a private not-for-profit, non-government foundation, as well as a company and trusts structure.  It is good news that there are already current established examples of intentional communities in Western Australia, and the rest of the country, which are proven case studies to work from to protect the rights of all participants. We are fortunate to have an established network with some of the best minds in law in the country, ready to assist in the maximum legal protection for land plots and member ownership

Sustainable Eco friendly Eco Village in Western Australia

Fund-raising: There are many exciting and lucrative opportunities for raising funds for the village or its members and their respective goals , including selling off surplus organic food from the highly productive organic food-forest, renewable timber sales, eco-tourism and retreats, hosting of festivals and ecological projects and events, building future eco-villages,  developing eco-housing or permaculture ideas and innovations. This project is a tremendous opportunity to be at the forefront of the booming new green revolution that is permeating culture and society worldwide! Permaculture and ecological harmony is by pure necessity and need being forced to the forefront of the most pressing and important isues, and now is the right time to ethically take advantage of the holistic opportunities intentional community has to offer.

To have your own family domain in our eco-village, allows you to be free of many of the worries of survival and immediate bill-paying, freeing  you up to focus on your passions and purpose in life, thereby creating an amazing space and mindset to create great wealth, abundance and success

Permaculture: For maximum outputs from minimum inputs, we are using the proven and very successful methods of food production via principles established by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, including building of swales and dams, layering of a food forest and use of native species and bush tucker plants when possible for an animal friendly habitat and maximum yields. Of course maximum choice and freedom will be given to owners, so they can participate in the collective food-forest gardening or create gardens of their own individually. These proven principles allow for an abundant crop of food with a few weeks to few months work in establishment ( depending on various factors such as number of participants ) and once established need an almost unbelievable 1 or 2 days worth of upkeep ( except for picking the delicious organic food of the trees )

The Urgency: Whilst these ideas may be controversial or upsetting for some, humanity is facing collective disaster if changes do not happen right now. What good will hundreds of thousands or millions be in the bank for us, when the country and virtually the whole world is steadily sliding into tyranny, war, control and suppression of the population, dirty air, water and toxic soil, widespread mental illness and depression, poverty and other maladies of what by its fruits can only be described as a profoundly sick society. One only has to look at the death toll in the last 100 years from war and political intrigues ( democide: 262 million ), to see that we need to privately and as a society make great shifts to have a future we can pass on to our children, not to mention just to survive! A family domain is great ‘community immunity’,  protection from global or local disaster, financial crises’ or layoffs , societal collapse, war, it provides for the absolute necessities, insulates us from the danger zones of the cities and metropolitan areas, and grounds us close to living harmoniously and away from disharmonious realities of the control and harm from the military industrial complex. Alone we can have our rights violated, but together we can stand against the forces who work against our interests and stand for a bright and happy harmonious future

Vision: Our vision for the eco-village is for the maximum happiness and freedom of each individual or family member in their respective family domain. Through the guidelines for family domains in the Ringing Cedars series of books, proven case studies locally and abroad, and observation of the Dacha movement in Russia and central Europe, we have a proven and effective model for living in harmony with our families and the universe, with nature having all our needs met, whilst at the same times keeping independent ownership and use of respective domains, and thereby avoiding much of the issues with personality conflicts and ego as per other models. We are collectively able to co-create a space of love and happiness for ourselves, our children and our future generations, by coming into harmony with what we cannot live without, the natural world around us and an extension of our bodies and selves, the perfect creations of the universe.

To put forward your interest or get in touch with us, please contact us at:

Sustainable Eco friendly Eco Village in Western Australia


Peter Greg


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